Merging the worlds of

Love and Money


Our hope is to inspire a paradigm shift in entrepreneurial women to embrace the new economy of self love and money.  We aim to help you gain clarity on the changing financial landscape, to connect you to ideas and projects that resonate with moving humanity forward and leaving the world a better place.

Helping you to gain the courage to become an early adopter and make your impact!


Hi! We are Lisa Pace-Renata and Kelly Slattery, two sisters with a passion for helping you create a life filled with love and money. We truly believe that we are living in an age where you have the power to transform your world with self-love.

We will introduce you to the revolutionary world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is much more than an alternative currency…. it is a gateway to independence. 

As women we have historically been bound by traditional roles and many of us are ready to shed the shackles, break the mould and claim our independence.

As you delve into the world of Bitcoin you will discover that it has come a long way since its nefarious past association with drug dealers, the black market and low down dirty man-stuff!!  It’s origins stem from a desire to offer everyday people an alternative to the elements of greed, ownership and entitlement that has pervaded our world for so long.

Bitcoin is part of a great paradigm shift that is taking place both physically and energetically on earth today. We are experiencing discontent with ineffective leadership, our trust in traditional institutions has been eroded and we are witnesses to the rise of feminine energy that is balancing out generations of masculine dominance. 

The underlying principles of Bitcoin resonate with us because of their balanced nature:

Inclusive – a currency that allows micro-payments for the unbanked

Collaborative – an initiative that attracts people who want to leave the world a better place

Generous – the open source code is available to anyone

Community Building – brings together hearts and minds to create disruptive projects that move humanity forward

Values Driven – offers an alternative to our current dysfunctional systems

Bitcoin has inadvertently become a wealth creation tool for early adopters. Fortunately we are still in the very early stages of cryptocurrency adoption. It has already been instrumental in creating financial independence for women in Afghanistan and now you can find out how Bitcoin and cryptocurrency can make a difference in your life.

Our mission here is to help you to connect your self-love and self-worth with your money. If you feel there has to be more to life, then we are here to show you how to discover your own “magical more”.

We show you how to discover your life’s purpose and guide you step by step to fulfilling that purpose and receiving a money value that matches your personal value.


Love & Money: Embracing the New Economy combines the best of both worlds – personal development and cryptocurrency.

An easy to read guide to self-love with an enlightening introduction to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


Authors of Love & Money: Embracing the New Economy. Lisa & Kelly are Certified Bitcoin Professionals helping to demystify Bitcoin, Blockchain and all the tech bits to help people understand this evolution of money.

Offering live group events on the Gold Coast, and virtual coaching to support people in understanding the impact that blockchain has on Security, Liberty, Autonomy and Privacy.


Based on Australia’s Gold Coast in Queensland, Lisa and Kelly are helping mission driven entrepreneurs navigate the cryptocurrency space and keep a step ahead of the changes happening in our financial future.

  • Bitcoin for Beginners
  • Eliminating Faulty Beliefs About Money
  • How Cryptocurrency is Changing the Face of Finance
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