Love & Money:

Embracing the New Economy


Lisa Pace-Renata
and Kelly Slattery

Co-founders of the Self Love Sisters

Has the thought ever crossed your mind “There has to be more…”

Lisa’s background in traditional business left her burnt out and broke thinking “There has to be more!”

Kelly’s white picket fence lifestyle left her isolated and thinking “There has to be more!”

The two sisters embarked on a 30 Day transformational journey together and took a quantum leap into self love where they discovered that there really is MORE.

In their upcoming book Love & Money: Embracing the New Economy the sisters share how you can

  • Reclaim your voice
  • Reconnect to your personal power
  • Re-ignite your confidence
  • Powerfully embrace freedom
  • Create a timeless legacy
  • And harness the magical technology of bitcoin


Bitcoin is a unique vehicle that has been giving people control over their lives since 2009. It is a technology that helps to move humanity forward.

This book is designed to help fast track the transfer of wealth in this Golden Age for people who value freedom, privacy, security and personal sovereignty.