Here at the Self Love Sisters, we are passionate about educating beginners in the cryptocurrency space and helping them to make informed decisions so that they can feel confident navigating this new arena.

We are proud to be associated with the Dolla project and we have recently completed a review of the project’s one pager.

We were fortunate to meet Jo Oxborrow from the Dolla team at the BlockConscious Seminar in Brisbane earlier this year and learned about the project which is providing a much needed solution in the crypto space – speeding up transactions times with a blockchain that can process 10,000 transactions per second (TPS), offering low fees of 1 cent per transaction and having the transactions finalised instantly.

Dolla has a one page paper for an easy read to get up to speed on the project & Lisa & I recorded a walk through of it to share with you.



As part of the review we share the three piece framework, from Yohann Azlee of Northup & Bass. Yohann was a recent guest speaker at our Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Meetup on the Gold Coast, his presentation was so helpful to the audience that we wanted to share it in order to help others to be able to quickly evaluate whether a project has merit.

The three P’s are

Purpose – understanding what the purpose of the cryptocurrency project is how it is going to make an impact in the space.

People – knowing who the people are behind the project, what the background and expertise is of the people on the team. You should be able to determine if they have a broad foundation in business, marketing, finance and legal and the expertise to successfully execute the project. It should be easy to verify the team with a LinkedIn or google search.

Plan – understanding what is the plan for the project? How far have they come along in their plans and where is the plan leading? You should be able to see what milestones have been met, what’s coming up and consider if expectations are realistic. Ask yourself does the roadmap go far enough with the funds that they will be receiving or hope to receive?

ICO reviews

As I mentioned, we are part of the dollar team, so obviously, we believe in the project. What we love about the Dolla project is that it is focussed on helping cryptocurrency adoption with faster transactions speeds, low cost fees of only 1 cent per transaction and is helping both consumers and businesses keep more money in their pockets by reducing merchant fees.

We encourage you to DYOR – Do Your Own Research and hope that the 3 Ps framework will help you to get started in evaluating projects. What we have seen in the recent past is people getting “hot tips” and jumping into the market blindly and frankly being burned by not doing their due diligence, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We believe that one of the greatest gifts that the cryptocurrency space has to offer is the opportunity to learn and grow – its exciting and fun!!

Dolla has an airdrop available so you can access some tokens for free – these will be made available after the token sale is complete.

The Dollar ICO starts on the first of February 2019, which gives you plenty of time to do your own research and get your questions answered in social channels.

Click here to register for the airdrop and jump into the social channels to get your questions answered.