Do Not Fear The New Economy

Today we’re talking about ‘do not fear the new economy’ this is not a new concept if you remember back to a time when Australia and New Zealand ditched the pound, shilling, pence in favour for the dollar and cents, 1966 for Australia and 1967 for New Zealand (not so long ago) there were teething problems during the change over but nothing that would stop the change and I can tell you I am certainly grateful.

I remember in NZ as a child having 1 and 2 cent pieces and making phone calls from the pay phone with these coins, even buying lollies with 1 and 2 cent pieces, now in NZ they have done away with 1, 2 AND 5 cent pieces. When the New Zealand announced that the 5 cent pieces were being decommissioned there was a bit of fear around that with people thinking they would be getting ripped off as the price of everything would go up but it all turned out just fine, just a little mind shift with the rounding up and down of the price.

Another change in the way we transact is Traveler’s Checks when we use to go overseas they were the best way to spend your money in another country and keep your money safe.

We also had cheque books and you could pay your groceries with a cheque that took 7 days to clear.

We have progressed to the fantastic plastic, Eftpos cards, credit cards and Visa and MasterCard debit cards – all of these are just ones and zeros in cyberspace. So it is not a far stretch of the imagination to go from ones and zeros wrapped in plastic to purely digital ones and zeros.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain with have a bigger impact in the world than just transacting, however when it comes to bitcoin transactions thats as simple as it gets. The Evolution Of Money!

When we talk about bitcoin and cryptocurrency we’re talking about a new way of transacting, peer to peer transacting cutting out the middleman such as banks, you can become your own bank and take full responsibility for your finances.

When we become our own bank we’re responsible for what happens to our money and that in itself can be a little scary. There is a real need to be able to educate ourselves in this space because finance is not something that was taught in our traditional schooling.

Right now we are at the beginning stage of the shift into cryptocurrency and we want to make it easy for as many people as possible to get on board quickly because, like anything, the greatest gains are made at the beginning.

I think that as citizens of various nations we have given away a lot of our power to banks or to people who we consider authorities on different things. This has been part of the fundamental design of our modern civilisation. However, the times are changing – in today’s world we’ve got the internet, we can google anything, we can get ourselves educated and it really is up to us to take responsibility so we’re no longer victims of an institutions, governments or organisations that only have their best interest at heart. Now more than ever, have the power and ability to research what’s best for us and to make decisions for ourselves.

Within the cryptocurrency space today there are more than 1600 different cryptocurrencies, so while we all hear about bitcoin there is actually a whole world of currency inside this space. Different coins are used for different purposes and when we talk about bitcoin we are talking about peer to peer transactions (a transacting coin).

Kelly and I see Cryptocurrency as taking responsibility for your own life and your own finances, it is no longer a cookie cutter world where one size fits all. You now have the ability to do your own research, look at what you want to achieve in life and determine what your personal and financial goals are, where you want to be one, three, five years from now and you can make a plan to achieve and that’s what we’re saying we’re saying; don’t fear  the new economy because you’re in charge!

The challenge with being in charge is that it is unchartered territory – we haven’t been taught to take control of our lives. We grew up going to the school that our parents sent us to, learning what the government mandated was important, in order to get a job that would provide a way to pay taxes to sustain the status quo of first world living.

Now that Bitcoin has come along the world is getting shaken up!! There’a a new boss in town and that boss is YOU!

In order to become an effective boss and take charge you will need to get educated about the cryptocurrency space and that’s what we’re here to do.  We’re here to help you every step of the way.

As you know we’re into baby steps, one step at a time is the only way you can get anywhere, and we’re here to say there’s nothing to fear if you are willing to do the work to get yourself educated.

It’s not like you have to get some big degree, you just have to learn a little bit each day one step at a time, learn one new thing implement it and carry onto the next day and add something new.

The world has already moved through many evolutions of money; Shells, Rocks, bartering, gold and metals exchanged as tokens of value moving on to paper as gold and metals were inconvenient to carry around  and now in Australia and New Zealand we have plastic notes because it’s harder to forge and lasts longer. This is just the next step.

Please don’t bury your head in the sand because the change is happening right now and it’s not going away. Just like gold is never coming back as a way to transact as a form of currency, our paper and plastic notes are eventually going to become obsolete.

Bitcoin has been around for nine years now and is gaining momentum. In saying that, this is not a fast transition you still have time to educate yourself and become aware of what is happening around the world of finance.

Take the leap to understand what cryptocurrency is all about.  Check out our MASTERCLASS because the future of finance is changing and you can be a step ahead of the game.

The process of getting started with Bitcoins is no longer time consuming or scary. We show you the tools, steps and actions you need to take to become Bitcoin beginner.