5 Effective Ways to Making Bitcoin Easy

What we’re talking about here is bitcoin but these 5 ways are based on principles and we like to work with principles because you can apply them across whatever you’re doing so whether this is for cryptocurrency or starting a business the principles remain the same. These are 5 effective ways to make getting started in crypto easy, so lets kick it off with principle number one.

1.  Look towards someone that you trust and who has gone before you! Most of us have people in certain area’s of life that we admire, sports stars, reality T.V stars, singer, songwriters ect.. If you are currently following someone who is where you want to be, for me it is Andreas Antonopoulos, (to be able to share this revolution with the same passion and integrity) chances are they didn’t start there and didn’t get it handed to them on a silver platter. This means that they can show you the way because success leaves clues, what we tend to find in life is oftentimes we have these great ideas and we share them with people who haven’t gone before us and we can get shot down pretty hard and pretty fast. We want to avoid that kind of situation because we don’t you want to be deterred from your dreams and building your vision/mission before you have even given it a go, so look to someone who has gone before you so they are there to encourage you and to build you up on your journey.

2.  Learn from their mistakes so if you’re look for  someone who you trust and who resinates with you, chances are they’re going to share with you the mistakes that they have made to help fast-track your progress so that you’re not going through the same turmoil, heartache and heartbreak and possibly financial burdens that they went through. Learning form others mistakes can streamline your success and example of this is wallet to wallet transfers Robert owed his father $1200 worth of bitcoin, so he said to his dad, send me your bitcoin address, dad sends Robert the bitcoin address and waits patiently for his bitcoin to arrive only it didn’t arrive because dad had given Robert his ‘bitcoin cash’ address not his ‘bitcoin’ address, that is $1200 worth of bitcoin ether in a bitcoin address of that exact number or sitting in limbo somewhere in cyberspace. In this case it was dad’s mistake as Robert has made the payment. Lesson learned for both parties.

3. Use a system. I’m the type of person who likes to create systems, but if you are not that type of person find someone who has created a system and follow their system with permission of course, some are paid and some are free, what you will find is that when you grab someone else’s system it it’s not exactly what you want so I’m always either tweaking or starting from scratch when developing a system. Systems will actually help you with your discipline and creating habits. Consistency is the key in making real progress in anything.

4. Have a strategy before you start. One of the things that we have found is that it’s all so new and so wonderfully exciting that when you start doing your research you can get lost and go down the rabbit warren you want it all and you want it now! So if you don’t have a strategy in place before you step foot in the cryptocurrency space this can definitely happen to you and what can happen is everything looks great and you end up spreading yourself to thin and what we want to do is get the biggest bang for your buck. Entry, exit and take profit plans are a must.

5. Never invest more than what you can afford to lose. There is the a good chance that you will want to go all in knowing that this is the next big thing that has real traction and world changing technology behind it. As a beginner start out cautiously and build as you get more confident in the space.  There is a strategy for every type of investor. Crypto is still in the adoption phase therefore it has a volatile market where big gains or big losses can be made. Keeping to your budget and strategy takes out all the emotion giving you the best chance to come out on top.

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