I have been sitting here this morning catching up on some crypto reading and came across:

An article on the Australian Finance Watchdog (the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre) being given the go-ahead to monitor Bitcoin exchanges
A JP Spears video about Bitcoin
An article about blockchain technology being applied to micro-loans
An article about Australian Banks restricting deposits into Coinspot
For me, each of these pieces highlights a piece of humanity – mostly fear with a little bit hope mixed in.

The fear is understandable, it’s part of our conditioning; to fear the unknown, to look to the media and “authorities” for reassurance – it’s part of the way we were historically taught, and if we haven’t embarked on any self-directed learning it is easy to fall into the trap of letting others think for us, or relying on the opinions of others to influence our thoughts, rather than to round-out our thoughts.

I was watching a short video of Andreas Antonopolous the other day and he made a comment about the impact of the internet “When the internet comes for your industry, things don’t work out well for you”. We’ve seen this play out in the hotel industry with AirBnB, we’ve seen it with Uber disrupting the taxi industry, and we’ve seen it with Netflix & Youtube making video store obsolete…now the internet is coming for the banks.

But that’s not what I love about the crypto space – what I LOVE is that the crypto space makes sense of the educational space that my kids have grown up in.

From my time sitting on the Board of Trustees in New Zealand schools and becoming familiar with the New Zealand Curriculum and Key Competencies that we aspire to for our students, I see the crypto space as a fast moving, solution-oriented playground for our kids to apply their education and the skills that are being taught in the current system

Relating to others.
Using language, symbols, and texts.
Managing self.
Participating and contributing.
When I think of the schools where I sat on the Board and I am excited because I know that these kids will be equipped for the future!

I love that the crypto space is about collaboration, creating solutions and moving humanity forward.