English businessman Simon Dixon highlighted an interesting phenomenon at the recent BlockShow Asia in Singapore.

In the article below Simon talks about cryptocurrencies, communities and the growth of the industry overall, however the one thing that struck me was his mention of the influx of money into the crypto space and how blockchain innovators don’t even consider going the traditional route, through a bank, to get funding for their business ideas.

ICOs are the name of the game, where everyday investors have direct influence and banks don’t have the option to accept or reject a proposal – the power has been handed over to the people and they are taking it up in droves.

Crypto is so many different things to so many different people!

The Global market cap of cryptocurrencies has exploded in 2017, going from USD$30BN in April to over $300BN in December and it shows no signs of stopping.

With over 1,300 different cryptocurrencies and more than 7,000 markets to trade in there is a whole new financial world to be explored.

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