Merging the worlds of

Love and Money


We are the Self Love Sisters Lisa and Kelly, coaches, authors and educators here to help you understand and embrace the new economy of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency so you can harness its power to help move humanity forward.

It’s time to take your place in the transfer of wealth


Hi! We are Lisa Pace-Renata and Kelly Slattery, two sisters with a passion for helping you create a life filled with love and money. We truly believe that we are living in an age where you have the power to transform your world with self-love.

Our mission here is to help you to connect your self-love and self-worth with your money. If you feel there has to be more to life, then we are here to show you how to discover your own “magical more”.

We show you how to discover your life’s purpose and guide you step by step to fulfilling that purpose and receiving a money value that matches your personal value.


Book the Self Love Sisters Lisa and Kelly to help world changes clearly define their mission, get crystal clear on their message and activate their ability to receive the transfer of wealth.


Our coaching is designed to help holistic business owners increase their level of comfort with visibility, put systems in place for building credibility and authority, and to give the exact steps needed to take their message to the next level.

Workshops & Webinars

Find out about our upcoming workshops and masterclasses to fast track your visibility and walk away with the exact steps to implement and move your business forward.